Tools for Aligning Penthouse Tubes

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While doing some research on tube alignment tools for penthouse tubes, I came across several that look like they could be quite helpful.

There are tube alignment tools out there that can be purchased and some companies even have them available for rent. Here are some of the best tube alignment tools I found for rent.

Wallbanger-DB: This tool set includes two Wallbanger-DBs and two air impacts, as well as the sockets and bolts you’ll need to get the job done. This tool can quickly and accurately fit two Waterfall penthouse tubes at one time.

Wallbanger-HD: The Wallbanger-HD serves the same purpose as the Wallbanger-DB except it fits just one penthouse tube at a time. Its boiler tube applications include: Waterwall, Superheat, Reheat, Economizer, Crossover, Headers, and Generating.

Wallsticks: You can quickly and accurately align Waterfall penthouse tubes with ¼” or 3/8” membrane Wallsticks. This package includes four sets of Wallsticks, an air impact wrench, sockets, bolts, and safety pins.

Boilermaker Kit: If you need to align penthouse tubes for fit-up, you’ll want to use a Boilermaker Kit. This kit is a combination of the Wallbanger-HD and Boomer tube alignment tools. This tool kit can be applied to Superheat, Reheat, Economizer, Crossover, and Penthouse tubes.

Boomer: As part of the Boilermaker Kit, the Boomer tube alignment tool is used for fit-up with chill-ring and consumable inserts. For more control over aligning penthouse tubes, Boomers are also available with a turnbuckle combination.

Gripper: A Gripper will fasten to a tube quickly so that it can be hoisted. This tube alignment tool eliminates the need for ropes, rope chokers, or half hitches. These are mostly used for Generating tubes.

Wallzip: The Wallzip is a combination of the Wallstick and Wallbanger-DB. It is made to fit most Waterwall penthouse tube sizes.


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